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Speak-Up Pie

Speak-Up Pie Its too tough for aqua to chill on his part. Pie's sad face drills his heart. Her shonu-si smile makes him cheer But this cheerness is hit by her silence's dart. The tears today don't seem to get dry Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.
Her face without smile is a sea without a wave. The beauty is immense but disappeared in cave. The purity is still there, yet its unbearable. As per Pie, its Aqua 2 months without shave. Her upset mood is making Aqua's heart cry. Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.
Her still shoulders are like body without soul. Aqua is through an agony that he can't control. Jokes n pranks ain't working either, pain in his chest is at a free fall. If Pie's gonna pursue this, Aqua's gonna die. Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.
Her dumb face is night without a star. She may be close. yet she is far. Aqua can feel touch understand her But he can't cure her heart's scar. Somehow, the smile dimple is growing, i don't lie. Come on…