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Don't KNOCK Him Down

Don't KNOCK Him Down She came in life as if there came, a cool breeze in an unexplored desert. She proved herself to be a good friend. She helped him through all her possible efforts. He couldn't bear it if she turned frown. He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.
At heart, she was a cute innocent child, one who couldn't keep her feet still. Her hands easily turned red, even if exposed to a very low chill. On phone, like a drowsy kid she sound. He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.
She always wanna get rid of milk. She always wanna miss dinner. Whenever he went to make her realize her mistake, He was convinced that she was right & he - the sinner. At heart, she was the most beautiful girl in town. He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.
Whenever he was depressed, she felt bad. When she was disturbed, he, unwillingly, got sad. To cheer her up, he turned into a clown. He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.
But the winds …

Over an YEAR!

Over an YEAR!
April 2k4 What life will be? It’s always unpredictable. It can be with you now, but tomorrow it may not be favorable.
May, June 2k4 He never believed the above lines. He always wanted to enjoy the present. He used to hurt others & say sorry. That’s how he made his close ones resent.
July 2k4 He was surrounded by many caring people. who think he don’t take things on heart. But actually he was close to them in good times. Whereas in odd times, he found himself apart.
August 2k4 Suddenly with blessings all around someone came, who could read his face & interpret his mind. His life was going smooth just then, he exclaimed, “How time can be so kind..?”
Sept, Oct 2k4 She came from outside, thus she had no friends around. Therefore, they soon developed a good friendship, But is something else – That’s what others found.
Nov 2k4 Slowly person to person rumors reached their ears too, But at that time they ignored them a lot. People will stop automatically if we don’t rea…

He, Sea 'n' Tides

He, Sea 'n' Tides Suppose friends are tides, And this world is a sea. Your heart is sea- shore, For a sec, just let it be.
How many tides are there in sea, It doesn’t matter. Those which touch the shore, are considered better and they only matter.
Don’t take for granted, that all tides are similar tides. They too have numerous intentions, but count them for two types.
First, that makes you drown & thus, makes your identity lost in the sea. Second that makes you overcome, reach your destiny, Remember for none, it can be me.
He was trapped by first type tides, His chance to be free wasn’t a bit. Suddenly a second type tide came, But very soon, the sea withdrew it.
A moment later there were a few second type’s tides, that could have rescued him. But now it was too late. The water had gone over the brim.
Those second types watched the whole scene. In front of every tide, he did lean. But why the sea turned so mean. He’s still unanswered..still keen…