Monday, 2 October 2017

An illusion, you are not!

Recalling that dearly fanatic...was without conclusion.
Consuming us to the depths - call it intrusion.
Warmth of this dream ferried positivity.
Got high with energy-peace fusion.
Thriving the peaks and valleys that we curated,
We kept bouncing back - NO ILLUSION.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Your soul belongs to mine..

Your soul belongs to mine

What you hold in your mind?
Tell me the truth, be a bit kind.
What's the fact that's knocking your heart?
Why are you keeping yourself apart?
God may send tears or deduct a joy fine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

There was a time, we were close.
We stared each other with no pause.
The time went on and we went closer
The situations might have been bad, but we didn't bother.
Now your avoidance sets a chill in my spine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

The moment I see your back and not your face,
My heart skips a beat.. slows down the pace.
Your eyes' spark is what keeps me going.
I can't stop loving you though can stop showing.
To take away my worries, your eyes are my wine.
for I want your soul to belong to mine.

I may not be best, at least not for you
For the troubles with me are not just a few
And you are the princess of affection
Someone who can be a second name to perfection
I needed someone so pure like you, someone so divine.
I wished your soul belongs to mine.

But I can't be so bad, that i can't be loved.
I may seem cold-hearted, but i do feel the hurt.
But for your love, i won't stop trying 
Turn your back, I wanna taste my wine.
My eyes would be wet, but u won't see me crying
But I still hope that someday your soul will belong to mine.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Speak-Up Pie

Speak-Up Pie

Its too tough for aqua to chill on his part.
Pie's sad face drills his heart.
Her shonu-si smile makes him cheer
But this cheerness is hit by her silence's dart.
The tears today don't seem to get dry
Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.

Her face without smile is a sea without a wave.
The beauty is immense but disappeared in cave.
The purity is still there, yet its unbearable.
As per Pie, its Aqua 2 months without shave.
Her upset mood is making Aqua's heart cry.
Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.

Her still shoulders are like body without soul.
Aqua is through an agony that he can't control.
Jokes n pranks ain't working either,
pain in his chest is at a free fall.
If Pie's gonna pursue this, Aqua's gonna die.
Speak up..Plz speak up my Pie.

Her dumb face is night without a star.
She may be close. yet she is far.
Aqua can feel touch understand her
But he can't cure her heart's scar.
Somehow, the smile dimple is growing, i don't lie.
Come on! Now cheer up my Pie.

Her ground staring eyes are a kiss to spike crown.
The touch was touching but end was just frown.
When you look down there are tears in your eyes.
In this flood, I find my self being drowned.
Its time to laugh, now dont feel shy.
Thanks heaven, for returning my Naaty Pie.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007



At the time of night, when he goes to bed.
Walls of his pupil feel something wet.
His throat doesn't stay normal, it turns a bit heavy.
His heartbeats ain't rhythmic, they turn slightly wavy.
In the light of darkness, he does moan.
But he still lives to be ALONE.

At this hour, he realises his sins.
Also he found that he had fake kins.
The pals he had lost, appear before his eyes.
Everyone dies once, but he daily dies.
Is that the harvest of what he had sown.
But he still lives to be ALONE.

At this time, the moon also irritates him.
He's upset n it watches the entire film.
This makes him to force his teeth tight.
And at this very moment, it appears more bright.
He feels as if moonlight is twisting his bone.
But he still lives to be ALONE.

After getting in bed, he stares at the ceiling.
A thoughtless thinking, he gets such a weird feeling.
Night hours he passed by being a bat.
He keep on taking turns from this side to that.
From such lonely situations, his heart has got prone.
But he still lives to be ALONE.

At the time when he would be in deep sleep.
Even then the control over his feelings he can't keep.
In his dreams, he see the pals who weren't pure.
He won't have a sound nap - they make this sure.
In morning the effect of the same can be seen in his tone.
But still all he wants is to be ALONE...

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

That's AQUA!

That's AQUA!

Since AQUA remembers, he is a cunning fellow.
He can mercilessly hurt anybody's feeling.
He is not at all sensitive or kind hearted.
He treats everything as a dealing.

He doesn't care if someone is upset or disturbed,
even if the person is quite close to him.
He won't lend a drop of water,
even if the same is flowing over the brim.

He knows how to extract work from others.
Here you can call him "big time diplomat"
But when the same person needs his favor,
he just turns around his face, he is truly like that.

He is a very self centered guy.
All he wants is his own happiness.
In whomsoever's life he entered,
Their lives transitioned into mess.

He is a guy quite shrewd.
He doesn't know friendship or affection.
He doesn't understand love and faith.
For him, these are mere misconceptions.

He is neither trustworthy nor a stable guy.
Call him a world class flirt.
That's why he doesn't deserve a friend.
Further, his mind has nothing but dirt.

So don't ask for trouble by being his friend.
He'll just bring your life's joys to end.
Thus, if you are close to him, plz get apart.
So that later, you don't consider yourself condemned.

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

A TAJ for You!

A TAJ for You!

I'll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.
People who get this honor are few.
But I pray none to get this honor,
for its equally painful as it is true.
I never thought to experience such a stale dew.
I'll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.

My Taj will and won't resemble the existing one.
That one is a funeral architecture.
Mine will be the funeral of our friendship
It will represent my heart's fracture.
But still it will have a lovely view.
I'll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.

The symbol of the existing one is affection,
while that of mine will be agony.
Inside it, there will be death causing rains,
Even if the weather is burning sunny.
In my veins the same burning sun is passing through.
I'll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.

My Taj's lake will represent our relationship's murder,
as it will be blood filled till its crust.
My Taj will also have the gems embedded walls.
These gems will be the pieces of my broken trust.
Moreover, these gems won't be just a few.
I'll build a Taj for you, Yes! A Taj for you.

The lustre in minars of my Taj will be ice,
to symbolize the cold-blooded murder of our friendship.
On the top of its dome, you'll see an arrow,
conveying the pain from such a relationship.
For others, my Taj will be a clue.
I'll build A TAJ FOR YOU, just for you...

Sunday, 26 June 2005

Don't KNOCK Him Down

Don't KNOCK Him Down

She came in life as if there came,
a cool breeze in an unexplored desert.
She proved herself to be a good friend.
She helped him through all her possible efforts.
He couldn't bear it if she turned frown.
He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.

At heart, she was a cute innocent child,
one who couldn't keep her feet still.
Her hands easily turned red,
even if exposed to a very low chill.
On phone, like a drowsy kid she sound.
He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.

She always wanna get rid of milk.
She always wanna miss dinner.
Whenever he went to make her realize her mistake,
He was convinced that she was right & he - the sinner.
At heart, she was the most beautiful girl in town.
He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.

Whenever he was depressed,
she felt bad.
When she was disturbed,
he, unwillingly, got sad.
To cheer her up, he turned into a clown.
He prayed to God that she Don't KNOCK Him Down.

But the winds & time - both changed.
And with them, changed the entire trend.
More than that, he didn't tell me,
except that the story met a tragic end.
Now he found that he was wearing a spike crown.
And realized that she HAD KNOCKED HIM DOWN...